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Dell Pp21l Drivers Windows 7 _HOT_

I am havinf dell Inspiron 14R N4010. Error message no audio output device is installed 1) I had a hard disk replacement and installed windows 7 ultimate.2) Installed windows 3 times still the problem has not gone.

Dell Pp21l Drivers Windows 7

have you tried the free dell audio drivers scan (download driver update tool link)? The report will list the required drivers which you can then either search for online or download using the driver update tool

then thought of uninstalling all the audio drivers and the re-installing. So downloaded latest IDT audio driver from dell site, uninstalled all audio drivers and then restarted computer, then installed newly downloaded driver, again restarted and bingo. Now works fine.Worked for me (Dell Inspiron 15 (N5010))

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