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Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6: The Ultimate Tower Defense Game

Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 Download: How to Play the Popular Tower Defense Game on Your PC

If you are a fan of tower defense games, you might have heard of Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6, a modded version of the original Bloons TD 6 that adds new features, towers, heroes, and challenges. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 on your PC, as well as how to play it and enjoy its endless fun.

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What is Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game created by JeffBlox, a popular YouTube gamer who makes videos about Bloons TD 6 and other games. He modified the original Bloons TD 6 game by adding new content, such as:

  • New towers, such as the Megalodon, the Giganotosaurus, the Beast Handler, and the Submarine Monkey.

  • New heroes, such as Captain Churchill, Benjamin, Pat Fusty, and Adora.

  • New modes, such as Boss Battles, Contested Territory, Quests, and Odysseys.

  • New maps, such as Dredge, Swamp, Infernal, and Dark Castle.

  • New skins, voiceovers, music, animations, and cosmetics.

The game also retains the original features of Bloons TD 6, such as:

  • 23 powerful monkey towers with three upgrade paths each.

  • 14 diverse heroes with unique abilities and upgrades.

  • 4-player co-op mode to play with friends or strangers online.

  • Content browser to create and share custom challenges and odysseys.

  • Trophy store to unlock various rewards with trophies earned in-game.

A comparison with the original Jeffblox and Bloons TD 6

Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 is not the first modded version of Bloons TD 6 that JeffBlox made. He also created Jeffblox, which was similar to Jeffblox 2 but had fewer features and content. For example, Jeffblox only had four new towers (Megalodon, Giganotosaurus, Beast Handler, and Submarine Monkey), two new heroes (Captain Churchill and Benjamin), and two new maps (Dredge and Swamp). Jeffblox also had some bugs and glitches that were fixed in Jeffblox 2.

Compared to the original Bloons TD 6, Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 has more variety and challenge for players who want to experience something new and different. The new towers and heroes offer more strategies and combinations to try out, while the new modes and maps provide more scenarios and difficulties to overcome. However, some players might prefer the original Bloons TD 6 for its simplicity and balance. The original game also has more frequent updates from Ninja Kiwi, the official developer of Bloons TD 6.

How to Download and Install Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 on Your PC

The requirements and steps for downloading and installing the game

To play Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 on your PC, you will need to have a Windows 10 operating system, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 1 GB of free disk space. You will also need to have an internet connection to download and install the game.

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Here are the steps for downloading and installing the game:

  • Go to the official website of JeffBlox, , and click on the "Download" button.

  • Choose the "Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6" option and click on the "Download Now" button.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then open the downloaded file.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the game on your PC.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

The benefits and drawbacks of playing the game on PC

Playing Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 on PC has some benefits and drawbacks compared to playing it on mobile devices. Here are some of them:



Larger screen and better graphics

Higher system requirements and possible compatibility issues

Easier controls and faster gameplay

Lack of portability and battery life

More storage space and fewer ads

Potential security risks and viruses

You can decide whether playing the game on PC is worth it for you based on your preferences and needs.

How to Play Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 on Your PC

The basics and tips for playing the game

The gameplay of Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 is similar to the original Bloons TD 6. You have to place monkey towers along a path to pop the balloons (or bloons) that try to reach the end. You can upgrade your towers and heroes with money earned from popping bloons. You can also use abilities and powers to help you in difficult situations. You can choose from different modes, such as Easy, Medium, Hard, Impoppable, Sandbox, and Freeplay, as well as different maps, such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Extreme.

Here are some tips for playing the game:

  • Experiment with different towers and heroes to find out what works best for you.

  • Use the right tower for the right bloon. For example, use camo detection for camo bloons, lead popping for lead bloons, etc.

  • Use the hotkeys to speed up or slow down the game, sell or upgrade towers, activate abilities, etc.

  • Watch videos from JeffBlox or other players to learn from their strategies and tips.

  • Have fun and don't give up!

The best strategies and towers to use in different modes and maps

The best strategies and towers to use in Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 depend on the mode and map you are playing. However, here are some general suggestions that might help you:

  • In Boss Battles mode, use towers that can deal high damage quickly, such as Megalodon, Giganotosaurus, Submarine Monkey, Sniper Monkey, etc.

  • In Contested Territory mode, use towers that can cover a large area and pop multiple bloons at once, such as Beast Handler, Druid, Ninja Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, etc.

  • In Quests mode, use towers that can adapt to different challenges and requirements, such as Super Monkey, Wizard Monkey, Alchemist, Engineer Monkey, etc.

  • In Odysseys mode, use towers that can synergize well with each other and with your chosen hero, such as Dart Monkey, Spike Factory, Banana Farm, Heli Pilot, etc.

  • In Dredge map, use towers that can take advantage of the water areas and bridges, such as Submarine Monkey, Buccaneer Monkey, Monkey Ace, Monkey Village, etc.

  • In Swamp map, use towers that can pop bloons in dense clusters and deal with regrow bloons effectively, such as Glue Gunner, Ice Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Mortar Monkey, etc.

  • In Infernal map, use towers that can deal with fast and strong bloons, such as Dartling Gunner, Tack Shooter, Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, etc.

  • In Dark Castle map, use towers that can pop bloons in multiple directions and handle fortified bloons well, such as Spike Factory, Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Super Monkey, etc.


A summary of the main points and a recommendation for the game

Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 is a modded version of the original Bloons TD 6 that adds new features, towers, heroes, and challenges to the game. It is a fun and exciting tower defense game that you can play on your PC by downloading and installing it from the official website of JeffBlox. The game offers more variety and challenge than the original Bloons TD 6, but also has some drawbacks and risks. The game requires some strategy and skill to play well, but also allows you to experiment and have fun with different towers and heroes. If you are looking for a new and different tower defense game to play on your PC, you should give Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 a try.


Five common questions and answers about the game

  • Is Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 free?

Yes, Jeffblox 2 Bloons TD 6 is free to download and play on your PC. However, you might need to watch some ads or comp


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