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Ayatollah Taqi Behjat Books In Urdu __LINK__

This issue comes with a large brochure in Urdu and English that contains many pictures of the books published by the Imam al-Khoei Foundation. The brochure was sent to numerous Islamic centers and madrassas around the world.

ayatollah taqi behjat books in urdu

These books also contain many descriptions of the intense feeling of love that the Muhaddith communicates to his grandchildren and readers. One passage from a book written by Imam al-Khoei reads: With firm conviction and passion he says: Our children must know every aspect of Islamic terminology. They must study the Quranic terminology and the terms which are in use in the Sunni circles. The only way to achieve this goal is through the collection of books which can be studied and the basis of knowledge becomes search for the sources of the most competent of scholars in these two disciplines. These scholars will transmit to you the word as opposed to the worldly ways of thinking.

He would always say, If a person studies our books, they would also consider studying other books and the most accurate of the world. He would say, it is to avoid any type of bias which would otherwise be the cause of a person in the future.

In his book, he says: The most effective book for a person who is studying the religion of Islam is when the author of the book has a good picture of Islam in his book and has told us in detail about it. This has been the reason for the fact that many books have been produced by the Islamic scholars in the world. Their books contain a picture of Islam which is uniquely different from all other pictures. When a person reads the book of one of them, he would say, This book is perfect. This is the reason why we should read the books of our own scholars. If we read the books of the outsiders and other scholars, we would not necessarily find a good picture for our religion. Rather we would find what they think, as they know about their religion, but know nothing about our religion. Moreover, they are the enemies of Islam.


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