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Chris Rogers

Comment Utiliser Facebook Hacker V2.0 [NEW]

Thanks for the post. Got it working finally. Struggeled for while with two things:1. I was posting access token requests to the older login endpoint. It returns a token but some stuff is missing in the jwt, `roles` e.g. So be sure to include `v2.0` in login url: $tenantId/oauth2/v2.0/token2. Tried a lot of different scope values and the one that finally worked is ` `, which is mentioned here in the comments and stated also quite far down on -us/exchange/client-developer/legacy-protocols/how-to-authenticate-an-imap-pop-smtp-application-by-using-oauth#use-client-credentials-grant-flow-to-authenticate-imap-and-pop-connections

Comment Utiliser Facebook Hacker V2.0



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