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md mukter
Jul 18, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Taiwan. Qiu Yuan said that in the past four years, she is most gratified that the cornerstone of the Opera House's business development and the The core brand is stable, and it has become the backing of art and cultural venues in Central clipping path service Taiwan, the cradle of new and cutting-edge artists, and also leads the central audience to establish their own tastes. Qiu Yuan said that in the future, the National Taichung Opera House hopes to be a promoter and recommend outstanding artists through this platform. "In addition to letting the world see the characteristics of the Taichung National Opera House, we should also recommend more artists to represent Taiwan on the international stage. Glow." Taichung National Opera House's curved wall features Qiu Yuan to create a new space for science and art Photo Credit: WebMD Taichung National Opera House's characteristic curved wall will become a new space for science and technology. Artistic director Qiu Yuan wants to highlight the uniqueness of Taichung National Opera House's architectural space and develop more new media and art creations. The picture shows the "curtain of light" TAP Project special exhibition RE:CAVE projected on the curved wall of the Taichung National Opera House. news source The new atmosphere of national performance art / Qiu Yuan, artistic director of Taichung National Opera House, creates an atypical theater (Central News Agency) Further reading [Interview with Guo biao Art] Liu Yiru, Artistic Director of the Two Halls: The 35-year-old "Uncle Slash" The Two Halls is moving towards the world's top theater [Interview with Guo biao Art] Jian Wen bin, Artistic Director of Wei wuying: More local integration, it is a fashion to come to Weiw uying to watch performances Is the Opera House going to start selling Yimei puffs? Questions and thoughts on the new chairman of Guo biao Art [Key Interview] How can
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